[h323plus] H264 PLUGIN in H323Plus

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The single NAL mode of RFC3984 (or H.241 Annex A) is the default method in
H.323 but is not the only method under the standard.
These are exchanged and negoitated via the MediaPacketizationCapability of
the OLC or TCS
H264 Annex A  ""

RFC3984 NonInterleaved ""

RFC3984 Interleaved ""

from H.241 7.1
To avoid IP-layer packet fragmentation (which may increase header overhead
and the probability of loss due to errors), H.264 NAL Units should be
substantially shorter than the MTU size of the network. For example, on an
Ethernet network with a 1472 byte MTU, a 1200 byte NAL Unit allows for
addition of considerable header overhead without exceeding the MTU size of
the network.
I hope that helps


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Hi All, 
Currently, my H264 plugin able to work with polycom. I found that the media
statistic(polycom PVX ) only show the frame rate video format, and display
the image if my sending encoded data is not more than 1.4KB. 

In my code, I do the fragmentation once it greater than 1.4KB(like libx264

However, I had read some documentations and all of them  mentioned about
H.241 only support the single NAL unit mode(mode 0).

I wonder how this mode handle if encoded data greater than 1.4KB(usually

Any Idea?


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