[h323plus] H264 Plugin in H323plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Tue Nov 17 06:20:07 EST 2009

The problem is the generic information on profile and level are not being
read from the plugin and exchanged. The same problem exists with MPEG4

Currently working on a fix.


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Hello Chin

   H264 (and other resolutions above 4CIF and like vga, wvga etc) is not
part of H323 stack. One way to use it is with the extended video capability,
them both end-points can agree on a specific and possible proprietary

2009/11/17 ooi khai chin <ooikhaichin at yahoo.com>:
> Hi All,
> currently, I had been compiled the h264plugin from opal project, 
> together with libx264,avcodec and any stuff to make it work.
> when, I do a conference on both side using my own codec in MyPhone2, 
> It work fined.
> The problem occur when I communicate with other voip software like 
> polycom, VCON...
> In the polycom(PVX 8.0.2) media statistic, it show both side info as
>                                          People Tx     People Rx
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Video Protocol:                H.264           H.264 Video
> 320              320 Video Rate Used:             319              84 
> Video Frame Rate:           15                0 Video Packet
> 0                 0 Video jitter:                      0                 
> 2 Video Format:              QVGA         -----
> Audio Protocol:            G.711U       G.711A Audio
> 64                  64 Audio Packets Lost:      0                    0 
> Audio Jitter:                   0                   0
> The frame rate and video format got problem...
> Do I need to specify video format and video frame rate in H323plus 
> (generic capability), Any Idea???
> Thanks.

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