[h323plus] H323plus v 1.22 and ptlib 2.6.5

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This is great. If the guys at FreeSwitch need assistance then let me know.  





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FreeSWITCH (www.freeswitch.org) has basic H.323 support with mod_opal (based
on OPAL) and mod_h323 (based on h323plus) but the later is very experimental
yet (some weeks old).
It could be good to have an eye on :)


ps.: I don't have experience with the topic but using FreeSWITHC for a while
and never looking back to asterisk.

Simon Horne írta: 




Check out the h323plus chan_h323 driver



It has not been worked on for some time. 

It would be good to add H.460.18/.19/.23/.24 support to asterisk.


There is no gatekeeper registration support, this needs to be done as well.





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I wonder if someone can help out here. I am having trouble with Asterisk
Crashes caused by libpt and openh323 where I am using Asterisk 1.6.2rc5 and
h323plus v1.19.0Beta7 and ptlib v1.12.0. In this config when compiling the 2
packages and then doing a make in the asterisk H323 directory it
automatically activates the chan_h323 in the Menuselect options of Asterisk
and allows me to compile asterisk with h323plus support.

The problem I am having is that I am registering with a Nortel H323
GateKeeper and when this looses the registry for some or other reason as a
backup I send the calls using a Gateway directly to the Nortel PBX. With
this configuration in v1.4.23 it was working perfecttly with openh323
v1.18.0 and pwlib v1.10.3. The problem came when because of issues with
openmfcr2 I needed to upgrade to 1.6 for the embedded openr2 support.

For this reason I am no trying to compile Asterisk with the
latest h323plus v1.22.0 and ptlib 2.6.5. At the moment once these 2 packages
are compiled it does not allow me to activate or select chan_h323 in the
Asterisk "make menuselect". How can this be activated?

I hope someone can help.



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