[h323plus] RES: Opal H.264 plugin with OpenMCU and H323plus

leandro.alvares at caixa.gov.br leandro.alvares at caixa.gov.br
Fri Nov 6 15:58:43 EST 2009

I'm looking for this solution too, but it is not possible to do (yet)..
The H.264 for H.323 is under teste... if you see the h264-x264.h file,
it has 
// #define H323_H264_TEST 1
so, if you uncomment this line, it should be compiled with H.323
if you compile it, with this support, you can use the codectest to see
that the H.264 is not supported to H.323.... unfortunately
The OpenMCU has support only for H.261, H.263 and MPEG4

Leandro Oliveira Alvares


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I have taken latest code for ptlib, h323plus, avplugins from h323plus
and H.264 plugin from opal.

I manged to have video call on OpenMCU with H263. I found it has
dependency on specific version of libavcoded, 0.4.7.

For H264 I compiled the code and put the .so in $PWLIBPLUGINDIR, also I
put libx264 in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. But somehow H.264 codec is not getting
loaded. The libraries are getting linked on start of openmcu but I cant
see capabilities being added in  OpenMCU traces.

Is there any specific version of libx264 needed? I tried with version 78
and 67. 
Also, H264 requires avcoded too. Is this needed to be built with option
--enable-libx264 ?

-- Prasad

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