[h323plus] missing RTP Frames

Igor Pavlov pavlov.ig at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 08:11:31 EST 2009


I missing RTP frames, when connect with my H264 plugin on connection speed
greater then approximately 256 kBps.

I inserted logging of rtp frames sequencenumber in function
RTP_Session::SendReceiveStatus RTP_UDP::ReadDataPDU(RTP_DataFrame & frame);
after call
SendReceiveStatus status = ReadDataOrControlPDU(*dataSocket, frame, TRUE);

and periodicaly I have  holes in sequence of numbers. At the same time I
have working sniffer, and I see that RTP packet missing in my logs is
present in sniffers statistics.
I tryed to find the place in h323plus sources where can I miss RTP packets,
but couldn't find it :(

The missed group of packets (even if length of group is 1 - single packet)
always ends with rtp packet which have marker=0

Help me to find out the reason why I missing packets. Because of speed?
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