[h323plus] H264 Plugin in H323plus

ooi khai chin ooikhaichin at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 16 23:33:11 EST 2009

Hi All, 
currently, I had been compiled the h264plugin from opal project, together with libx264,avcodec and any stuff to make it work.

when, I do a conference on both side using my own codec in MyPhone2, It work fined.

The problem occur when I communicate with other voip software like polycom, VCON...

In the polycom(PVX 8.0.2) media statistic, it show both side info as below:
                                         People Tx     People Rx
Video Protocol:                H.264           H.264     
Video Rate:                      320              320
Video Rate Used:             319              84
Video Frame Rate:           15                0
Video Packet Lost:           0                 0
Video jitter:                      0                 2 
Video Format:              QVGA         -----

Audio Protocol:            G.711U       G.711A
Audio Rate:                  64                  64
Audio Packets Lost:      0                    0
Audio Jitter:                   0                   0

The frame rate and video format got problem...

Do I need to specify video format and video frame rate in H323plus (generic capability), Any Idea???


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