[h323plus] Opal H.264 plugin with OpenMCU and H323plus

Prasad kahitarich at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 15:47:27 EST 2009


I have taken latest code for ptlib, h323plus, avplugins from h323plus and
H.264 plugin from opal.

I manged to have video call on OpenMCU with H263. I found it has dependency
on specific version of libavcoded, 0.4.7.

For H264 I compiled the code and put the .so in $PWLIBPLUGINDIR, also I put
libx264 in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. But somehow H.264 codec is not getting loaded.
The libraries are getting linked on start of openmcu but I cant see
capabilities being added in  OpenMCU traces.

Is there any specific version of libx264 needed? I tried with version 78 and
Also, H264 requires avcoded too. Is this needed to be built with option
--enable-libx264 ?

-- Prasad
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