[h323plus] mute/unmute

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 05:24:35 EST 2009

Hi Marcus

  If I remember well, when working on my projects,
P(Input/Output)(Audio/Video)Devide have the signatures for 'pause'. But the
basic implememtation return TRUE and does nothing.

 You need implement what pause will do. For some codecs you can simple stop
sending data therefore stoping the RTP engine, some times you don't wanna
drop the assigned network bandwidth and use silence packets or dummy packets
(some plugins don't accept or have the resource of silency packets).

Summarizing, you need to implement such feature, perphaps looking at Ekiga
and like applications source code.

Eng. Marcos F. Jardini

2009/2/8 Marcus Frenkel <marcus.frenkel at gmail.com>

> I'm still  strugling over the mute/unmute solution, any help would be
> appreciated.
> If there is no chance to do that with the functions already in
> h323plus/ptlib, can anybody tell me whether the rtp mute option added
> in gnugk mutes the input and output channel or only the input channel?
> Marcus
> On 2/7/09, Marcus Frenkel <marcus.frenkel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > First, I would like to thank Packetizer for continuing the open h323
> > development.
> >
> > Ptlib/h323plus have big set of functions, but I'm not able to find the
> > right one I need. Is there any function to mute/unmute the input sound
> > device while the call is in progress? Any help is greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Marcus
> >

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