[h323plus] Valid sessionID in OpenLogicalChannel command

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Mon Dec 28 07:57:23 EST 2009

The problem is caused by an master/slave conflict when first opening the
audio channel which results in the OLC being rejected. The correct process
is to renegotiate the OLC. It appears that the T1000 cannot properly
renegotiate the OLC and incorrectly allocates an invalid sessionID of 0
which causes the assert and behavior you highlighted.
I also see you are using a modified and working H.264 plugin and have
decided not to contribute any of that work back to the project. This is a


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Sending log.
T1000 in most cases after Reject sends OLC with sessionID=0, and in less
cases send OLC with sessionID from 32 up to 53 (increase 1 after each

2009/12/28 Simon Horne <s.horne at packetizer.com>

Session ID should never be zero. This is clearly an error coming from the
T1000 unit. 
Can you post a level 6 trace showing the condition the T1000 sends an OLC
with sessionID = 0


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Subject: [h323plus] Valid sessionID in OpenLogicalChannel command


I have problem when I reject OpenLogicalChannel (audio) while communicating
with Tandberg T1000.
In most cases Tandberg send me OpenLogicalChannel again with sessionID=0 so
my application falls in assertion
in file rtp.cxx line 760 :
PAssert(id > 0 && id < 256, PInvalidParameter);

I could not find valid value range for sessionID, but I don't like when
application crashes in this case :(
What can I do in this situation?

Igor Pavlov

Игорь Павлов

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