[h323plus] H264 PLUGIN in H323plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Dec 23 06:05:08 EST 2009

As I understand it you are not using X264 but are using a commercial H.264
stack and breaking the single encoded frame into several NAL (of less than
1.4k)  to fit into an RTP frame thereby making it compliant to connect to
commercial H.323 endpoints. Since the commercial stack was sending
successfully without the modification (Single NAL per RTP Frame)  then the
only thing I can suggest it is how you are breaking up the single encoded
frame. I think you will need to do some more debugging with your commercial
H.264 stack and how you are encoding the single NAL to determine where the
problem lies.


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Hi All,

In my situation, I have set my marker to 1 when it is the last partial
frame, And it able to display on the remote endpoint every frame I sent. The
problem is it just delay around 5s for all frame picture.
Why? I already do some testing on my x264 encoder, it can encode frame with
acceptable speed, So it wouldn't be encoder problem.


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