[h323plus] H264 PLUGIN In H323Plus

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You do not want to send FU. FU is not support is H.264 Single NAL mode
(H.241 Annex A)
The latest X264 code (.79) supports setting the NAL slice size to being
under the UDP MTU size of 1.4kb so the NAL should never need to be
fragmented over 1 or more RTP frames.


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Hi All, 
I read about the RFC3984 for H.264, one of the type it can support is
fragmentation Unit Mode(FU).
In FU mode, the packet must add FU indicator(1 byte) and FU Header (1 byte).

Indicator format

Header format

my question is why we need to include the NAL type twice in RTP packet of
this (FU)mode?


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