[h323plus] Behavior on VideoInputDevice

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 16:49:11 EDT 2009

Files opalvxml.cxx, line 138 and codecs.cxx, line 379
codecs.h is a DirectShow/COM internal archive, full of IDL macros,
don't be referenced direct. Seens VS ambiguous 'codec.h' from DShow
and 'codec.h' in h323plus_2008.sln

Solution #1: Full path reference codecs.h to {path to
H323Plus}/include/codecs.h (?)
Solution #2: add pragma alias for disambiguation, like:
alias("ds_codecs.h", "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft

File codecs.cxx, line 572
Preprocessor branch "#ifdef H323_VIDEO" but line 787 says: "#endif //

Solution: Correct preprocessor line 572 to "#ifndef NO_H323_VIDEO" (?)

VisualStudio Preprocessor Hell
For some weird reason (or at least strange for me), Visual Studio
interprets "#define x" and "#define x 1" completly diferent from each
to other for comparsions like "#ifdef x", "#if defined(x)" and "#if
Because this some files sections are grayed out and don't have some
clue if fragment is being compiled or not.

ffmpeg H.263 Video Codec need the PBooblean definition

Fast Solution: declare PBolean as BOOL

vidinput_directx.h, line -
There is no "PWLIB_STATIC_LOAD_PLUGIN(DirectShow, PVideoInputDevice);"
at the end of file. Probably source of out solutions projects can't
find DirectShow PPluginDriver.

Solution: add "PWLIB_STATIC_LOAD_PLUGIN(DirectShow, PVideoInputDevice);"

2009/8/20 Marcos Fábio Jardini <marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com>:
> Hello everybody
>  I just managed get some time to back to H323Plus code.
>  Successfully compiled PTLib, H323Plus, Plugins, OpenMCU and
> SimplePlus near without modification, only one of plugins come with a
> PBollean type not found but easy fixed, I'll do the compilation again
> to confirm wich archive is and report back soon.
>  I'm using a full instalation of Visual Studio 2008 Pro SP1 (embeded
> Windows SDK 6.0A instaled)
>  For who having problems, put in the enviroment:
> * C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v5.0
> * C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\smartdevices\sdk
> * C:\Program Files\Windows mobile 5.0 SDK r2
>  This prevents pre-compilation step, Configure.exe, to search for
> extensions on wrong paths (Atention! if you are compiling for Windows
> Mobile remember to remove "C:\Program Files\Windows mobile 5.0 SDK r2"
> from exclusion search path)
>  But I figured a behaviour: VideoTest from PTLib can find and use the
> WebCam with the "DirectShow" and "*" key search string in
> getDriversDevices. But SimplePlus not. If you start a new Solution to
> mimic VideoTest you will get the same bahaviour. Because VideoTest is
> marked dependency on PTLib on the build tree something getting wrong
> on projects outside PTLib Solution.
>   I'll investigate, and try search for more clues. Just reporting to
> see if others having the same issue.
> Regards.
> Eng. Marcos F. Jardini
> --
> -----
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Jogue RPG, alimente o lado criativo!

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