[h323plus] Compiling H323Plus 1.22 CVS Trunk, Visual Studio 2008

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 15:33:35 EDT 2009

Hello people

   Reporting back:

* PTLib 2.6 (SVN Trunk): All compile fine and now DirectShow and
Application properly works on projects outside PTLib_samples_2008.sln

* H323Plus 1.22 (CVS Trunk): H46018_h225.h Error

  "H46019UDPSocket::GetLocalAddress" makes access to members
"m_locAddr" and "m_locPort" but the two members are guarded by macro
H323_H46024A and the method not.

Solution (?): put "H46019UDPSocket::GetLocalAddress" under
H323_H46024A macro guardian like "[Get/Set]AlternateAddresses" ?

Jogue RPG, alimente o lado criativo!

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