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Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Tue Aug 25 03:02:52 EDT 2009



Last week, I sent an email to a fairly large number of people wherein I
raised an issue: there seems to be a need for a place to go for people to
ask questions about signaling protocols, implementation, deployment, and
various issues related thereto in the area of videoconferencing.  There are
various mailing lists and such, but people are scattered all over with no
"right place" to go to ask questions.  I get a lot of questions directed my
way, simply because people do not know where else to ask.


We are hosting a number of public mailing lists on Packetizer, some lists
are hosted by the IMTC, others at Columbia and Ohio State, etc.  Perhaps
some of those lists are perfect for engineers or those working on standards,
but I've noted that end users, especially, have no place to ask questions.
Also, there are lots of questions related to open source projects that get
posted to various lists, only because those products happen to use a
particular protocol, etc.


So, I took a poll asking whether folks would prefer a web-based discussion
forum, email list(s), or a "nothing else is needed".  Over 50% of those who
responded to the poll indicated that they would like to see a discussion
forum for VoIP, videoconferencing, and data conferencing discussions.


So in response, I set up this site: http://forums.packetizer.com.


The structure might not be perfect and since I had to write the ATOM/RSS
code myself over the weekend, I will not declare it to be bug free just yet.
Nonetheless, the board is running a stable release of phpBB3 and ought to
work well.  I certainly welcome any comments you have and will try to
improve the structure and operation as issues are raised.


I do hope you find this useful and I would encourage people with expertise
in a particular area to join.  I will personally be answering questions, as
I have for years, but there are certainly others with better qualifications
to answer questions in some areas than me.  If anyone is interested in a
moderator role on the site, let me know.


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask me.




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