[h323plus] path program plugins & MyPhone

ZAHRA dehghanianfard zahra_d84 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 23 06:08:59 EDT 2009

Hello to all.
i noticed a point about bug that i send yesterday.i
run program plugins 1.21 and then i put dll codecs in path file
"D:\MyPhone\SDebug", Video shown to me but source code bug in start
channels video. when i don't put dll in path file
"D:\MyPhone\SDebug",Video not shown. I thought that path file dlls in
Tools->Option add,but again Video not shown.
question :
1) How should DLL have to Project MyPhone add?
2) Whether I was in error?namely error in program Plugins or in h323plus?

void StartFastStartChannel(H323LogicalChannelList &
fastStartChannels, unsigned sessionID, H323Channel::Directions
  for (PINDEX i =
 0; i <    fastStartChannels.GetSize(); i++)
    H323Channel & channel = fastStartChannels[i];
    if (channel.GetSessionID() == sessionID &&     channel.GetDirection() == direction)
The Error is :
Unhandled exception at 0x7c90e4ff in MyPhone.exe: 0xC0000008: An invalid HANDLE was specified.

please you guide me.i have a lot of time that i try to solve this problem.
Best wishes.

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