[h323plus] BYO video conferencing

Edward Harvey eharvey at lyricsemiconductors.com
Tue Aug 11 16:26:02 EDT 2009

I’m not sure this is the appropriate list – please feel free to send me
somewhere else.

I’m a decent and robust IT guy, but new to video conferencing.  I’m looking
for advice from folks who really know this stuff inside out (that’s you
guys.)  ;-)

I would like to build a solution for the company, where our own private
server acts as the relay/gatekeeper/stun/registrar (not sure which terms are
technically right) so my Mac / Linux / Windows user clients can all
communicate with each other via voice & video (and hopefully chat and file
transfer too).  From anywhere on the internet.  I’m hopeful to have a
company addressbook, so admins can add/remove users and users will
automatically have that updated, and so on.

Basically I want to build a low-cost enterprise video conferencing system.
Commercial products are ok, provided they’re not crazy expensive (as some

I am looking at products like Xmeeting, openMCU, gnugatekeeper, and so on …
I must admit some confusion about which ingredients are required, and then,
some more confusion about pro/cons of the different varieties of each

Any advice would be appreciated…  Thank you…
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