[h323plus] H.460.18/.19/.23/.24/.24A support now in GnuGk / H323plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Sun Aug 9 19:28:33 EDT 2009



I would just like to let you know that GnuGk 2.3.1 (CVS) and H323plus 1.21
(CVS) now support the complete H.323 NAT Traversal solution. 


This a major step forward for both projects and H.323. 


I have built a sample windows installer for GnuGk and MyPhone (CVS version)
for demonstration purposes.


GnuGk Windows Installer (Win2000 or above)



MyPhone Installer (XP or above)



Any queries then please address them to the appropriate mailing lists.


Details for what the standards do:


Mechanism to enable registration and call signalling traversal across a



Mechanism to enable media traversal (proxying) across a NAT/FW


H.460.23 (ITU approval in November)

NAT detection and classification 


H.460.24 (ITU approval in November)

Point to Point Media through NAT. Allows media to traverse NAT/FW without
the need to proxy media (disable H.460.19).


H.460.24 Annex A

Same NAT RTCP probe. Extension of H.460.24 to allow endpoints behind the
same NAT/FW to probe for direct connectivity.


The standards documents are available from Packetizer.








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