[h323plus] H.460.18/19 support now in h323plus

Anisha Kumar anisha.kumar at nestgroup.net
Tue Mar 11 01:04:40 EDT 2008

Hi Bian, 
 Please check out the feature list  PacPhone at www.pacphone.com, it might have the support for H.460.18/19.


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Does any soft endpooint can support H.460.18/19?  Thanks.

>Just a quick note

H.460.18/19 client support has now been added to h323plus.
The source code and a very basic sample app have been added to the
extensions/h460 directory in the CVS

It compiles with h323plus v1.20.1 available from the h323plus website and
has been tested against Tandberg gatekeepers.

Both GnuGk (default) and H.460.18/19 NAT methods work without conflict so
you should be able to support both the standard H.460.18/19 and the GnuGk
methods in your applications without any problems.



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