[h323plus] VC++ express ed. build problem

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 06:13:59 EST 2008

In fact, it is possible to use a small part of MFC on express editions (but
it is more a headache than a solution) and no ATL at all.

The recomendation for Express users is to use Windows template library -WTL
8.0-, an CPL1.0 project at http://wtl.sourceforge.net/

I used to compile the srcs in Visual C++ 2005 Express months ago.
To disable a resource you can put --disabe-{resource} at Custon build step
of ptbuildopts.h.in of Header Files in Console project. For example add:
--disable-ipv6 to disable IPv6 support

I think it is not the correct place to put this configuration (you need do
it 3 times for debug, release and pseudo-debug). If some know the correct
place, please correct me.

2008/3/2, Zarko Markovic <zarko.mar at gmail.com>:
>  Thank you. I added the MS SDK directory to the
> PWLIB_CONFIGURE_EXCLUDE_DIRS and build ptlib & h323plus successfully. I used
> ptlib_2005.sln in VC++ 2008 express ed. However, the Speech API comes with
> the platform SDK so that not only speech API was disabled but many other SDK
> features like DNS resolver were disabled as well because they are in the
> same SDK platform directory. Is it possible to disable only Speech API?
> Zarko
> Simon Horne wrote:
> h323plus v1.20 supports VS 2008 via h323plus_2008.sln however ptlib 2.0.1
> only supports VS 2005 (however you can upgrade using the VS Wizard). VC6 is
> no longer supported in h323plus.
> You are correct VS 2008 express edition does not support ATL or MFC so you
> are very limited with what you can do. With the issue below, the easiest way
> is to uninstall the microsoft TTS (Text to speech) SDK (if installed). If it
> came with the platform SDK then you will need to see the directory where the
> configure program detects the support and exclude that directory.
> This can be done by adding the directory to an environmental variable
> In XP. under control panel > system > advanced > environmental variables.
> Note: you will need to close and reopen the VS project to detect the
> environmemental variable change.
> Simon
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> Hello Friends,
> Anybody managed to build ptlib/h323plus on Visual C++ 2008 express
> edition? I get file not found error for atlbase.h included at ptts.cxx
> when triing to compile ptlib. I used MSVC6 so far without problem,  I
> never tried to compile ptlib/h323plus on VC express editions, but the
> problem maybe is that express editions do not support ATL. Any solution
> to this?
> I used the latest source code from h323plus.org - h323plus 1.20.1 &
> PTLib 2.0.1, followed the instructions by voxgratia and loaded ptlib.sln
> into Visual studio.
> Regards,
> Zarko

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