[h323plus] VC++ express ed. build problem

Zarko Markovic zarko.mar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 18:28:15 EST 2008

Thank you. I added the MS SDK directory to the 
PWLIB_CONFIGURE_EXCLUDE_DIRS and build ptlib & h323plus successfully. I 
used ptlib_2005.sln in VC++ 2008 express ed. However, the Speech API 
comes with the platform SDK so that not only speech API was disabled but 
many other SDK features like DNS resolver were disabled as well because 
they are in the same SDK platform directory. Is it possible to disable 
only Speech API?


Simon Horne wrote:
> h323plus v1.20 supports VS 2008 via h323plus_2008.sln however ptlib 2.0.1
> only supports VS 2005 (however you can upgrade using the VS Wizard). VC6 is
> no longer supported in h323plus.
> You are correct VS 2008 express edition does not support ATL or MFC so you
> are very limited with what you can do. With the issue below, the easiest way
> is to uninstall the microsoft TTS (Text to speech) SDK (if installed). If it
> came with the platform SDK then you will need to see the directory where the
> configure program detects the support and exclude that directory.
> This can be done by adding the directory to an environmental variable
> In XP. under control panel > system > advanced > environmental variables.
> Note: you will need to close and reopen the VS project to detect the
> environmemental variable change.
> Simon
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>> Hello Friends,
>> Anybody managed to build ptlib/h323plus on Visual C++ 2008 express
>> edition? I get file not found error for atlbase.h included at ptts.cxx
>> when triing to compile ptlib. I used MSVC6 so far without problem,  I
>> never tried to compile ptlib/h323plus on VC express editions, but the
>> problem maybe is that express editions do not support ATL. Any solution
>> to this?
>> I used the latest source code from h323plus.org - h323plus 1.20.1 &
>> PTLib 2.0.1, followed the instructions by voxgratia and loaded ptlib.sln
>> into Visual studio.
>> Regards,
>> Zarko

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