[h323plus] OpenMCU doesn't mix video

Adrien Rudulier rudz04 at yahoo.ca
Wed Jul 23 14:44:08 EDT 2008

Just to let everybody know, I found the bug in openMCU. When the 4CIF patch was applied, the return value of MCUSimpleVideoMixer::ReadSrcFrame was changed from TRUE to FALSE.


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I don't know what happened but openMCU doesn't mix video for me. I was fiddling around getting H.263 at 4CIF to work with PVX and once I got that to work, openMCU no longer mixes video. Everything is fine until the 3rd endpoint connect. The 3rd endpoint then receives the video of a different endpoint and all the video freezes. The video resumes at fullscreen when any endpoint disconnects. I tried removing h323plus, ptlib, and openMCU from my system and reinstalled them with the most recent versions from sourceforge. I was wondering if anybody else is having this problem.

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