[h323plus] OpenMCU 4CIF Issues

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Thu Jul 3 21:59:42 EDT 2008


There are known outstanding issues with h323plus H.263 and Polycom PVX and
If anyone can assist in resolving these issues, a contribution would be
greatly appreciated.

You can try using PacPhone it supports 4CIF and is built off h323plus.

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  I am currently using the newest versions (as of July 2, 2008) of
ptlib(2.3.0), h323plus(1.20.5) and openmcu(2.2.4) from cvs on Ubuntu 8.04. I
installed the plugins correctly and openmcu runs fine. However when using
two polycom pvx clients to connect to openmcu using H.263 at 4CIF for both
transmitting and receiving, the video is blocky and very distorted. There is
no packet loss, the bitrate is set to 1920 kbps and the frame rate is a
constant 30 fps for both transmitting and receiving. I was wondering if the
problem is with openmcu or the pvx clients. Has anyone successfully used
4CIF resolution to be clear and smooth? Also, I had to massage the h.263
plugin code to get 4CIF to work with openmcu. Any help would greatly be

  Adrien Rudulier

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