[h323plus] Help required with MPEG4 Plugin for H323Plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Mon Jan 28 02:56:54 EST 2008

You need to check the trace log to find the identifier you are being sent.
There appears to be a descrepancy.
H.245 Annex E defines you should be receiving an Identifier of
"" but you may not.

I would also be nice to have this work submitted back to the project to the
benefit of both h323plus and Opal.

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  I have build a mpeg4 plugin dll which is able to load generic Video
Capabilities for mpeg4 codec. I am trying to connect with Salyens VoIP.
  The problem is that in

  H323GenericCapabilityInfo::OnReceivedGenericPDU(OpalMediaFormat &
H245_GenericCapability & pdu,
ndType type)

  the very first check

  if (pdu.m_capabilityIdentifier != *identifier)
      return FALSE;

  returns FALSE and hence the capability is not negotiated.
  I think I have missed some parameter while defining mpeg4 codec

  MPEG4 plugin requires h323CapabilityData also. I have defined capability
data as follows

  static const struct PluginCodec_H323GenericParameterDefinition
mpeg4_h323params[] =
ignedMin,{145}},   // taken from H264 plugin file

  static const struct PluginCodec_H323GenericCodecData mpegcap =
    OpalPluginCodec_Identifer_MPEG4,  // capability identifier (Ref: Table
I.1 in H.245)
    3000000,                             // Must always be this regardless
of "Max Bit Rate" option

  The h323CapabilityData points to mpegcap in PluginCodec_Definition.
  I am doubtful about H323GenericParameterDefinition, Can someone please
help me with it.


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