[h323plus] Caller ID Problem

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Thu Jan 17 04:00:52 EST 2008

Perhaps the endpoints are looking for Q.931 CLIR/CLIP information. By
default h323plus does not insert this information and a quick look shows
that it is not implemented. (it is only in the Q.931 code) However it is
implemented in GnuGk.

This might help.


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  We have built Open H.323 based application which can dial about 100
numbers paralleled. We are trying to configuring Caller ID so all dialed
numbers can see Caller ID. And to set it, we are using 'AddAliasName'
function. Now when application dials to all numbers, some numbers can see
Caller ID, some can not see. This is a kind of random behavior we are

  We are setting same 'Alias' for multiple H.323 Endpoints - We are creating
multiple H.323Endpoints and get them register with GK. We are using GnuGK in
proxy mode and Soft switch is ahead to that.

  Now we want to know is this giving us trouble or there is some other
mechanism should set up in order to set customized 'Alias' (Caller ID) at

  Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

  Thanks in Advance,

  Kirav Patel

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