[h323plus] FECC H.224/H.281 Implementation

mohammad alam cheersalam at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 01:39:14 EST 2008

Hi Simon

I had already overloaded the function CreateH224ProtocolHandler

OpalH224Handler * PhEndPoint::CreateH224ProtocolHandler(H323Connection &
connection, unsigned sessionID) const
 return new CVcsChannelh224(connection, sessionID);

CVcsChannelh224 is my class derived from OpalH224Handler
PhEndPoint derived from H323EndPoint

but still my application crashes at  h224Handler->StartTransmit(); in BOOL
I have tested it using polycom and mirial.

But when I use my application at other end. the cnannel get released by
if (chan != NULL) {
    delete chan;

of void H245NegLogicalChannel::Release()

I think I am not able to add capabilities right by adding :
H323_H224Capability *p = new H323_H224Capability();

Is there something that I am missing.
and one more thing Can I use PTRACE in Windows.
Your comment is needed.


On 1/11/08, Simon Horne <s.horne at packetizer.com> wrote:
>  Sorry for the delay in replying.
> I hadn't fully tested the implementation.
> I think you have not loaded your derived h224 handler through the
> H323EndPoint function override I specified in the last email
> Simon
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> hi Simon
>  As you suggested I have added H323_H224Capability(). The brief code is
> H323_H224Capability *p = new H323_H224Capability();
> capabilities.Add(p);
> in a class derived from H323EndPoint.
> The watch window here doesnot show much.
> But exe crashes in BOOL H323_H224Channel::Start()
> at
> h224Handler->StartTransmit();
> I think it is not getting pointer right
> Can you guide me from there.
> alam.
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