[h323plus] Question about plugin codecs

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What type of OCX is it? MFC or ATL. Its important as they behave differently with plugins. The problem is that the default directory for Ptlib when using COM (.ocx) is the desktop. Which is really annoying. 

In ATL you need to do the following in your H323EndPoint contructor

PPluginManager & pluginMgr = PPluginManager::GetPluginManager();

This will load the plugins from that directory.

If you are using MFC as with the case of MyPhone2 then there is a little more complicated so look at MyPhone2's CMyPhoneEndPoint() constructor to see how the plugins are loaded.

Also you mentioned that you have MyPhone2 working with PtLib. Currently the CVS's MyPhone2 CVideoOutputDevice class is broken and does not display the video output correctly. It's a know problem that I have not yet got around to fixing. A small contribution back to the project on this would be appreciated for the benefit of the community. 


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Hi all,

I have successfully compiled both PTLib and H323Plus on Windows. I've also compiled and tested MyPhone2. All goes fine. But I have another sample app written by myself that is an OCX (which links with PTLib and H323Plus) that manages all the H323 stuff and an EXE that uses the OCX to make a simple videocall. The problem is that my app cannot find the plugin codecs (neither audio nor video). I think that the problem could be related to the fact that I am using an OCX linked with PTLib, instead of an EXE. Is this correct? Is there any solution or workaround?

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