[h323plus] FECC H.224/H.281 Implementation

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Jan 9 06:52:58 EST 2008


Here is the procedure (this is basically the same for filetransfer,T.38 &

You have to manually add H323_H224Capability() via

You derive your own class from OpalH224Handler which is monitor the events
You insert it into the h323plus library by overriding

It should automatically open the channel when place the call.

I have never used it so your on your own from there.


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Hi All
I want to implement FECC H.224/H.281 in my project. I am using h323plus on
windows platform. Can anybody guide me how to do that.?
I have many queries related to that
1) Is h323_h224 channel is open by default in h323plus or do I need to open
it explicitly
2) Which is the best way to get h224handler or h281handler?
Mohammad Alam

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