[h323plus] Using PWlib with Visual Studio 2005

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Jan 9 06:23:09 EST 2008


Visual Studio will most definitely be supported for the forseeable future.
vs2003, vs2005 & vs2008

pwlib 1.12 / h323plus 1.19.5 available from the h323plus website already
supports vs2003 & vs2005.

h323plus CVS now also supports vs2008.


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> Hello!
> Does anyone have a solution for building PWlib and PWlib based programs
> and libraries (OpenH323/H323Plus) with Visual Studio 2005 and later?
> I found a link to a set of VS patches in some older archive but
> unfortunately that site and its domain has gone belly up.
> Is there any chance Visual Studio is going to be supported by PWlib or we
> should look for something else?
> Paul Chitescu

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