[h323plus] How to Add Extended Video Capability for H.239

Abhishek Rohilla abhishekrohilla at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 00:39:05 EST 2008


I think the reason why dynamic H263 codec is not being loaded is because of
the flags field in PluginCodec_Definition

For dynamic codec flag is

PluginCodec_MediaTypeVideo |        // audio codec
  PluginCodec_MediaTypeExtVideo |   //extended video
  PluginCodec_RTPTypeExplicit,        // specified RTP type

which makes up value of 69.

Now in H323PluginCodecManager::RegisterCodecs() function

the check (
           videoSupported &&
           ((encoder.flags & PluginCodec_MediaTypeMask) ==
PluginCodec_MediaTypeVideo ) &&
           strcmp(encoder.sourceFormat, "YUV420P") == 0

fails because (encoder.flags & PluginCodec_MediaTypeMask) == 5 and
= 4 .
There is no flag check for extended video.
So the codec is not loaded.
I am using H323plus version 1.19.5 downloaded from h323plus site.

I am just calling AddAllCapabilities(0, 0, "*") to load the plugins.
Is there something else to be done to load extended video capabilities
because I think this call is not loading extended video codecs because of
the reason mentioned above.
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