[h323plus] How to Add Extended Video Capability for H.239

Abhishek Rohilla abhishekrohilla at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 05:26:03 EST 2008

Hi Simon

I am now using the latest H263 plugin from CVS repository having extended
video capability feature added.
After adding all capabilities the capability table now shows only two types
of H263 capability
One for CIF and other for QCIF.
The dynamic size capability which is defined in the PluginCodec_Definition
is not loaded now and that only contains extended video support.
So I am not able to open extended video channel since capability is not

I have one more doubt that when OpenExtendedVideoSession is called it
matches local extended videocapability with extended video capability in
remote side capability table.
But in my application when I check the remote side capability table it shows
no extended video capability and the table size is just 3.
So even if I am able to successfully add extended video capability on local
side then remote side capability match will fail in OpenExtendedVideoSession
() call.

H323ExtendedVideoCapability * remoteCapability =

I am connecting with Polycom PVX with H239 content check enabled.

I have one more doubt regarding H323Plus and plugin versions given on
www.h323plus.org and sourceforge.net h323plus cvs repository.
Earlier I was using plugins version 1.19.5 downloaded from h323plus site but
I guess the one on CVS is more updated.
I am having some problems downloading entire code from CVS.
When will the latest plugin and H323plus release be updated on h323plus

Please help
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