[h323plus] Presence Implementation complete & updates

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Tue Jan 29 03:04:43 EST 2008


Just to let you know the h323plus presence implementation (after feedback
and a few iterations) is now finished and a sample application is available
in the extensions/h460/h460.presence directory of the CVS. The GnuGk
implementation will be available in the GnuGk CVS after the next release
2.2.7. The implementation is fully ASN.1 encoded and does not require a
seperate presence service and should work with just an h323plus endpoint and
GnuGk gatekeepers.

All H.460 examples now support VS 2003,2005 & 2008. Look out for a couple
more H.460 examples to be added in the coming weeks. :)

GnuGk NAT traversal (as in PacPhone) is in the h323plus CVS and is enabled
by default. There is no special settings, if you register from behind a NAT
to GnuGk on a public IP you should be able to send and receive calls without
any problems. :)

Another cool feature is H.460.interop in extensions/h460 CVS directory which
allows h323plus to seemlessly interwork with NetMeeting without need to
change fast connect settings etc. The feature requests the remote devices
name in the ARQ and if that device is netmeeting then it disables fast
connect etc on that call. The feature does requires GnuGk v2.2.7 which
should be released in the coming weeks.

Things are beginning now to settle so we will do the stable release v1.20
shortly. If anyone has bugs etc then please do let me know.


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