[h323plus] Problem in receiving 4CIF with H.263 codec

Taranpreet Anand taran.kanand at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 23:26:58 EST 2008


What I've done is, I've added all capabilities first and then set the
topmost priority for "H.263"  (which I assume is dynamic and works for all
sizes including 4CIF).

In H323EndPoint derived class,

AddAllCapabilities(0, P_MAX_INDEX, "*");
PStringArray preferenceorder;
PString str3_4cif = "H.263";

This transmits the video to remote site successfully but is not able to show
the received video.
If CIF is selected at remote site, video is displayed on both sides
But if 4CIF is selected, video is not shown on any side.

Please Help.
Thanks in advance.
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