[h323plus] How to add a generic Video Capability?

Abhishek Rohilla abhishekrohilla at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 04:42:12 EST 2008


I have been able to build mpeg4 plugin code taken from opal cvs. Its
PluginCodec Definition has defined it as type
I have changed it to PluginCodec_H323Codec_generic and compiled it.

Should mpeg4 capability be added as generic or non-standard? What is the
difference between two?

 My application is loading the dll perfectly fine now but the capabilities
are not being added because of the following reasons:

1.) Generic and non-standard video capabilties require *h323CapabilityData(last
member in PluginCodec_Definition) to point to generic capability data info.
This has not been defined in  opal plugin code.

2.) H323Capability *CreateGenericVideoCap() is checking for
PluginCodec_H323GenericCodecData in **PluginCodec_Definition and it is null
currently ,so capability is not created

*Can someone help me in how to define generic capability data and what all
information it needs? I have recognized the structures in opalplugins.h but
don't know how to fill them with suitable values for mpeg4 plugin.

Please help

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