[h323plus] can't compile pwlib/ptlib 1.12.0

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at digitalnomads.ch
Sun Jan 13 08:38:11 EST 2008

Hi all
i'm struck with compile pwlib/ptlib 1.12.0 under VS 2003 (WinXP). Earlier
versions of pwlib work great (and i compiled them without problems for
years... so i'm quite irritated now), but with 1.12.0, no matter whether i
get it from the h323plus website or from the openh323 download page at
sourceforge i get problems.
Just to make sure i'm not on the completly wrong:
In the voxgratia "how to build pwlib" it says there is a project call
"Console" in the pwlib.sln. Well, that's not true, there's just a "PWLib
static" project which i guess must be the right one to compile. The
"Console" project is still in the source but under "ptlib\src\ptlib\msos" as
an "old" PTLib.dsp project.
Now when compiling the "PWLib static" project, i get a lot of syntax errors.
When compiling the "Console" project, the only error is, that "./podbc.cxx"
may not be found (in fact it's not at the place the path points to).
Now as my first question: which project shall i try to compile? And, is
there anything to configure in advance, any options to be set (i added the
FelxBison dir to the executable path, same with the PWLib dirs)?
Thanks for your help
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