[h323plus] Fwd: OpenMCU now supports up to 16CIF mixer

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
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Can you supply a tracelog or a dump file showing where the crash occurs?

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  I have a sample application which supports QCIf, CIF and 4CIF.
  I have used it with the stable version of OpenMCU 2.2.3 which worked fine
  for CIF and QCIF.

  For 4CIF, I've downloaded the latest code from CVS. And as you have
  mentioned about altering the frameSize variable in the constructor of the
  OpenMCU class , I've done the requisite.

       : OpenMCUProcessAncestor(ProductInfo)
       endpoint = NULL;

       frameSize = H323Capability::cif4MPI;

  But with this change, OpenMCU crashes as soon as the invitation for
  conferencing is sent out.

  The sample application works fine for 4CIF in case of peer to peer

  Can you please help me out with this?


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