[h323plus] H.pres status

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Feb 20 19:32:37 EST 2008


NOTE: H.460.presence is still very much *in development*. The code has been
slightly modified from AVD-3293 after some consultation and the h323plus
implementation will be resubmitted at the next ITU meeting.

Support was only included with the windows distribution of H323plus v1.20,
the reason for this is I did not get time to test the compile on linux hence
why the files are not included in the makefile.

>From your attached log I have now patched the CVS version (files
h460/h460p.h and h460/h460p.cxx) feel free to test to make sure it compiles.

The code in /extensions/h460/h460.presence is a simple endpoint (currently
for windows, no linux make files) on how to use the presence feature in your

The bulk of new work on presence will now move to linux and GnuGk for
inclusion in GnuGk v2.2.8 (one after next release).


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> Hi,
> One of the emerging standards that attracts me is H.presence - and I
> see from the 1.20.2 distribution of h323plus that the recent draft of
> AVD-3293 is included. However, whilst the code stubs are built by the
> parser, those stubs don't appear to be included when building the
> h323plus library.
> Adding their inclusion to src/Makefile in the H323_H460 section and
> rebuilding fails with what appear to be fundamental errors (copied at
> http://pastebin.ca/911251).  Have I missed something obvious?
> I'm trying to build in an Ubuntu 7.10 environment with g++ 4.1.3.
> Also, I note that the stubs present in CVS under
> /extensions/h460/h460.presence are different from those bundled in
> h323lib-proper. Is there some magic documented somewhere that would
> enable me to build the testapp under the extensions tree?
> Sorry if this is all a bit "n00b"-like -- I'm new to h323plus. Feel
> free to kick me towards a readme somewhere that I most likely have
> missed!
> Thanks in advance for any input you can offer,
> Mark.
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