[h323plus] Help Required with 4CIF transmission

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Feb 13 05:08:40 EST 2008

If you are able to connect with PVX at 4CIF then it must be working.

I had a look and there is a small bug in OnStartHandleControlChannel() which
causing the error in StartHandleControlChannel().  I accidentally introduced
this bug in the last commit when I did the H460.18/19 work. You need to
patch h323.cxx with the following.

BOOL H323Connection::OnStartHandleControlChannel()
+ if (controlChannel != NULL) {
     PTRACE(2, "H245\tHandle control channel");
     return StartHandleControlChannel();
+  } else
+     return StartControlNegotiations();

I have checked the fix into the CVS and updated the package on the website.

To assist with debugging it's also a good idea to include tracelogs so we
can see exactly why 4CIF is not working.


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I have tried to incorporate 4cif image size in MYPhone by setting videowidth
= 704 and videoHeight = 576.
It is working fine with Polycom PVX. 4CIF video is received on Polycom side.

But when I run MyPhone on both sides with 4cif image transmission set  ,no
video is being transmitted.The video channel is opened but still video is
not seen and MyPhone crashes IN H323Connection::StartHandleControlChannel().

controlChannel is NULL in this function and it crashes.

Can someone help me with 4cif transmission. I doubt that version 1.20
supports 4cif transmission when H323+ library is being used on both the
I have tried to transmit 4cif with my sample application on both sides but
it is also not working.
I have tested 4cif with OpenH323(older ) version 1.15.6 and it was working
fine with 4cif.

If someone else has tested this feature on 1.20 release of H323+ ,please


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