[h323plus] Play Multipal Files on OpenAm

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
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Jan Willamowius has done a lot of work on openAM in the H323plus CVS. A
quick look at the code says you just need to enqueue the filenames you want
to play to the playQueue in PCM_OGMChannel and it should play them.


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  Hello Everyone,

  I want assistance to add one feature in OpenAm Application.

  Feature is like - currently it plays one audio message when it receives
the call, I want to play two different audio messages during one call.

  It can be like:

  Message 1. Hi, Sorry, we are not available at this moment.

  Message 2. Please leave your message, we will get back to you.

  Both of these message are stored in two different wav files and I want to
play them during one call.

  I will appreciate the help / guidance.

  Thanks in Advance,


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