[h323plus] Shutting down a call manually in OpenMCU

Adrien Rudulier rudz04 at yahoo.ca
Wed Aug 6 17:28:44 EDT 2008

I am trying to manually remove members from a conference from the status web page but I am having troubles closing down the connection properly. I have access to the conference manager and the conference connection. When I call H323Connection::ClearCall(), it severs the connection to the endpoint and the member is removed after ConferenceManager::RemoveMember is called but there is a segmentation fault because the logical channel threads are still running. I keep getting the following assertion failure:

2008/08/06 15:26:39.089    HTTP Service:0xb50f9b90    Message    Assertion fail: Transport thread did not terminate, file transports.cxx, line 1355, Error=107

I was wondering if anyone knows how to close down a call properly.

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