[h323plus] »Ø¸´£º Question about H.460.18 in CVS repository

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
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Yes PacPhone supports client side H.460.18/19. It has been tested against Tandberg gatekeepers and I have had reports it works fine with Polycom as well. Of course it also support GnuGk NAT (which is standard in h323plus v1.20).

As of last week it also supports H.460.23/24 as well (formally known as P2Pnat Media) which has also just been added to GnuGk. :)

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  Hi Simon

  I saw that PacPhone can support H.460.18/19 Nat Traversal. Does PacPhone support all features of  H.460.18/19 client and which GK or H.460.18/19 servers can  PacPhone cooperate with now?




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