[h323plus] how to switch a point-to-point conference to multi-party conference

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 07:07:26 EDT 2008

There are no formal rules or recomendations on how to hot-change an in
course conference. The implementators are free to do what they think that
are the necessary for that. For the purpose of compatibility with end points
of other vendors, the simplest way is to close all connections and
re-negotiate the capabilities.

2008/4/24 Bian <bianxg at yahoo.cn>:

>  Hi
> What is the standard way to switch a point-to-point conference to
> multi-party conference? (The condition is that the codec used in multi-party
> conference is not same as that in point-to-point call, for example, when  in
> p2p call the endpoint communicate using H.264, and in multi-party confernce
> they use H.263 codec )
> The SONY PCS endpoint's method  is that the ep close all logical channels
> and re-issue capability, then re-open logical channel.
>  I don't know if this is a standard method and if can cooperate with other
> endpoints.
> regards,
> bian
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