[h323plus] Plug in for H.264 codec

Matthew Allen matthew.allen at nrc.gc.ca
Wed Apr 2 09:45:03 EDT 2008

I'm in a similar position.  I noticed while configuring the latest 
H323plus that it summarizes at the end which plugins are going to be 
made available, where H.263 requires ffmpeg's libavcodec, and H.264 
requires libavcodec and libx264.  I compiled x264 and it finds it just 
fine, but it can never seem to find libavcodec (even after make install, 
when it's in /usr/local/lib, which is searched by default).  I tried 
recreating the test program that the configure script writes, linking in 
libavcodec and calling avcodec_init(), and that works fine, so I'm not 
sure what it's failling on.

Do you mean that the Opal H.264 codec can be used with H323plus if it's 
only compiled for H.323 and not SIP?  Or do you mean we'll have to use 
Opal instead?  I personally don't need SIP at all.

Can I use the plugins from the plugins tarball (H.261-vic and 
H.263-ffmpeg) in this way along with this Opal H.264 plugin?  I need to 
compile each codec myself, as well, as I'm compiling this on OSX and 
aiming for a universal binary so I can deploy on servers that don't have 
build tools.

I've searched extensively for any help or documentation on getting the 
H.26x (especially H.264) plugins to work with  H323plus (or OPAL for 
that matter), but I'm still a bit lost. The XMeeting project is a bit of 
a good reference as he uses these plugins (in Mac application, too), but 
I'm  just not sure what H323plus requires and where it requires it in 
order for these plugins to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry for being longwinded.


Simon Horne wrote:
> Anisha
> You can use the Opal H.264 codec (with FFMPEG SVN) and enable H.323 support
> in the code (it is by default disabled the last I looked) It can still be
> classed as experimental.
> Simon
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>> Hi ,
>>    I want to know if the H323Plus code, has support for H.264 Plug-in ?
>> Are there any sample code or application avaiable for the same. We need
>> to have a videoconferencing application with H.264 support. Is it
>> possible to use H323Plus for the same and what amount of implementations
>> will be required for it.
>> Awaiting an earliest positive response.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Anisha

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