[h323plus] Message waiting indications(MWI) for Voicemail messages

Anisha Kumar anisha.kumar at nestgroup.net
Mon Apr 7 23:37:09 EDT 2008

Hi  all , 
I have a requirement to support MWI in my device, which has support to
both SIP and H.323. I see that there is H.450.7 Supplementary Service
for that in H.323. But i am not sure practically it is being used in
normal deployments. I am trying to find if Asterisk  or any other
opensource PBX support it.From my analysis i see that Asterisk does have
support to MWI for SIP . But could not find out how is the notification
done for H.323.  Does anybody here have any idea how is it done for
H.323 endpoints ? 
What  is the normal means/procedure  by which an IP-PBX provides MWI for
Voicemail messages to the H.323 endpoints ? 
Awaiting an earliest positive response .
Thanks & Regards,
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