[h323plus] GNU Gatekeeper 2.2.7 released

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Wed Apr 2 09:11:05 EDT 2008


a new stable version of the GNU Gatekeeper is now available.

Source code and executables can be downloaded from

What's new in 2.2.7 ?

Here are just a few highlights:
- virtual queues now also work on unregistered calls
- per prefix capacity limits
- Q.931 cause code translation per gateway
- new 'sql' routing policy
- auto-reconnect for current MySQL
- status port MakeCall command implemented
- H.460.9 realtime QoS monitoring
- H.460.interop support
- H.350 authentication
- set multiple failover routes via Radius
- alias filtering (eg. for Polycom compatibility)
- many bug fixes and a lot more (see the full Changelog below)

To compile GnuGk 2.2.7 you can use OpenH323 Atlas (OpenH323 1.18.0 /
PWLib 1.10.3) or the latest H323Plus release. Using Atlas should be a
rock solid foundation, but some of the very latest features need
H323Plus to get activated.
See http://www.gnugk.org/compiling-gnugk.html


Jan Willamowius, jan at willamowius.de, http://www.gnugk.org/

Changes from 2.2.6 to 2.2.7
- clarified optional rule effect on auth modules, new "alternative"
rule added WARNING: semantics of optional rules has changed slightly
- BUGFIX(gk.cxx) don't look for the default config file gatekeeper.ini
if -c switch is given
- BUGFIX(RasTbl.cxx) honor setting of Called/CallingTypeOfNumber in
[EP::..] section
- BUGFIX(Toolkit.cxx) fix detection of default IP when host has a
default route, but no default gateway
- SQLBill: implement fixed per-call billing
- BUGFIX(contrib/sqlbill/sql/src/upgrade_tables.sql): fix wrong foreign
key reference
- implement SendProceeding command on status port (experimental)
- BUGFIX(Routing.*): calls from registered endpoints to IPs should
match vqueue ^.*$
- added cause code translation (see [EP::..] TranslateReceivedQ931Cause
and TranslateSentQ931Cause)
- Added H.450 Call Transfer emulator [RoutedMode] EnableH450.2=1
- implement MakeCall command on status port
- BUGFIX SRV policy correctly detects E.164 number.
- BUGFIX Radius module now sent public IP of endpoints behind NAT.
- new switches [RoutedMode] GenerateCallProceeding,
UseProvisionalRespToH245Tunneling (experimental)
- new SQLAUth variable %{CallId}
- BUGFIX(RasTbl.*,SoftPBX.cxx) status port commands
(find,disconnectcall,transfercall) could influence round-robin order
- enable auto-reconnect for MySQL >= 5.0
- BUGFIX(capctrl.cxx) counters were incorrectly updated for H.323ID and
CLI rules
- Added %{CallLink} SQL parameter for correct billing of H.450 call
- BUGFIX (proxychannel.cxx) Detect call signalling is using H.245
Tunneling but says it doesn't
- BUGFIX (RasSrv.cxx) Endpoint registered on same machine as GnuGk
should not be treated as being NAT.
- added H.460.interop support for interworking of NetMeeting with
everything else (req. OpenH323 v1.19.5)
- added [GkQoSMonitor] H.460.9 realtime QoS monitoring (req. OpenH323
- BUGFIX (statusacct.*) output callID in same format as other status
port events (spaces replaced with dashes)
- new status port command: printcc
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) preserve internal call number for each failed
call record if we have SingleFailoverCDR option enabled. This allow
CapacityControl and other modules to work fine with failover enabled
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) don't send URQ to permanent endpoints on shutdown
- BUGFIX (Routing.cxx) fix LRQ canMapAlias detection for vqueue
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) added missing include file for H.350 support
- added Prefix support for MCU's
- extend virtual queue functionality to unregistered calls (anonymous
- remove SignalCallId switch, now call ID is always sent with status
port events
- new status port command: PrintPrefixCapacities/printpc
- implement rate limiting, configured by CpsLimit and CpsCheckInterval
in the [RoutedMode] section, defaults to OFF
- BUGFIX (RasSrv.cxx, GkClient.cxx) deal better with having no RAS
interfaces at all
- BUGFIX (RasSrv.cxx) ensure compatibility with PWLib < 1.9.3
- new 'sql' routing policy configured via [Routing::Sql], sponsored by
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) fix race condition where same call number could
be assigned multiple times
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) avoid memory reference in AliasTypeFilter that
causes crash on endpoint delete
- Added [GkH350::Settings] H.350 LDAP directory support (req.
OpenLDAP,OpenH323 v1.19.5)
- Added H.350 Authenticator module (req. OpenLDAP,OpenH323 v1.19.5)
- new accounting variable %{bandwidth}
- allow Radius server to send multiple destinations in
"h323-redirect-number" attribute for call failover (patch by Lucas Ma
- Added Alias Filter via [RasSrv::RRQFeatures] AliasTypeFilter
- Added RDS (resolver discovery service) Routing policy
- BUGFIX (RasTbl.cxx) check route capacity just before it is used for
failover, not only at the beginning of the call (patch
- Added HTTP Service control via [RasSrv::RRQFeatures] AccHTTPLink 
- BUGFIX (GkStatus.cxx) add semicolon after status port 'debug cfg'
output for consistency
- Added [RasSrv::AssignedAlias] to gatekeeper assign aliases
- Added [RasSrv::AssignedGKs] to assign gatekeepers based on alias or
IP.(req. H.323v6)
- Added [Gatekeeper::Main] Authenticators option to select which
authenticators to use. (req. openh323 v1.19)
- BUGFIX (ProxyChannel.cxx) Finally fixed same nat bug with GnuGk NAT
- [EP::xxx] PrefixCapacities: limit capacity by prefix on an endpoint
- BUGFIX (gkauth.cxx) Fixed H.235.1 Authenticator
- [RoutedMode] added ENUMservers setting

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