[h323plus] t38modem how to build ?

forum forum at macronet.ro
Wed Apr 2 04:51:38 EDT 2008

Hello !

I try to build, t38modem from version 8.x.x since half a year, with 
no positive result, also from the svn... :(
Now I see you have realese version 1.0.1, but still there is NO 
documentation for this... :(

I presume there is need for:
- PWLIB or PTLIB - version ? link to DL ?
- OpenH323 or H323Plus - version ? link to DL ?
- Opal (yes I need SIP !) - version ? link to DL ?
and of course t38modem 1.0.1

My system is:
Slackware 11, kernel

Thank you.

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