[h323plus] H323Plus 1.19.5 released

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Oct 24 14:16:35 EDT 2007

To All

Just a quick note the first H323Plus development release is now available
for download

H323Plus 1.19.5 can be downloaded from

Pwlib 1.12 is also available (mirror of openH323 release)
Audio/Video Plugins (Mirror of OpalVoIP release)

The number system will be a continuation of the OpenH323 number system with
1.20 being the first stable release.

Special OpenH323 Transition Notes:
Video is now plugins so you will need to remove references to the existing
H.261 and H.263 libraries and all codecs are now loaded via
Check you video input and output device code functions correctly as there
are some improvements in ptlib which might affect the video display.
Only H.261 & H.263 are supported with this release. H.264,MPEG4 are to come.
DirectShow for Windows is not supported (yet) for VS 2003 & VS 2005.

Of course you can direct your questions to the H323Plus mailing list.


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