[h323plus] Regarding increasing the call capacity of H323plus

Vlasis Hatzistavrou (KTI) vhatz at kinetix.gr
Wed Oct 24 13:37:15 EDT 2007

Hello Simon,

After I compiled h323plus successfully I tried to have Asterisk's
chan_h323 built with h323plus.

I made the necessary changes in Asterisk's ./configure script in order
to reflect the library changes (mostly path changes).

The only problem that remains now is that the verification of the
H323plus installation fails, because the configuration script cannot
compile a small test program.

Here is the log from the configure:

checking OpenH323 installation validity
configure:26734: g++ -o conftest -g -O2
-I/Downloads/h323+/ptlib_v1_12_0/include  conftest.cpp
-L/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib -lh323_linux_x86_r
-L/Downloads/h323+/ptlib_v1_12_0/lib -lpt_linux_x86_r >&5
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `OpalH224Handler::SendExtraCapabilitiesMessage(unsigned
char, unsigned char*, int)'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `OpalH224Handler::TransmitClientFrame(unsigned char,
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `H224_Frame::H224_Frame(int)'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `H224_Frame::SetES(int)'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `H224_Frame::SetHighPriority(int)'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `typeinfo for H224_Frame'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `H224_Frame::~H224_Frame()'
/Downloads/h323+/h323plus/lib/libh323_linux_x86_r.so: undefined
reference to `H224_Frame::SetBS(int)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

The conftest.cpp is below:
#include "ptlib.h"
#include "h323.h"
#include "h323ep.h"

main ()
H323EndPoint ep = H323EndPoint();
   return 0;

Do you have any quick recommendations that I can try before I try to go 
through the H323plus library's code later tonight?

Best regards,

Simon Horne wrote:
> Vlasis
> Yes. There are two defines in the openh323buildopts.h to enable aggregation
> By default they are undefined.
> H323plus is designed as a Linux drop in replacement to OpenH323 with of
> course a lot more features.
> The purpose of the project is to do just what you are intending, to update
> existing projects which are based on OpenH323 and add more H323 support to
> those projects.
> If you need assistance then let me know. It would be good to have asterisk
> chan_h323 updated to h323plus.
> Simon
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> Hello,
> A couple of years ago the following paper was written by Craig Southeren
> about  increasing the call capacity of OpenH323 & OPAL:
> http://www.voxgratia.org/docs/call%20thread%20handling%20model%201.0.pdf
> We could see in the release milestones of OpenH323 at:
> http://www.voxgratia.org/docs/milestones.html#milestones
> that signaling and RTP aggregation was intended for OpenH323 v1.19.0
> (Titan).
> I'm sorry if this question has been answered before or if the answer if
> obvious, but I wanted to know if these enhancements are there in the
> current release candidate of H323plus.
> I tried to look through relevant mailing lists (even the older Openh323
> mailing lists) but I couldn't find any useful information.
> If this is the case I intend to use H323plus to replace the older
> OpenH323 libraries in a couple of open source projects, like Asterisk etc.
> --
> Best regards,
> Vlasis Hatzistavrou.

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