[h323plus] [Openh323-devel] H323plus CVS (continuance of OpenH323 development)

Tamas jalsot at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 06:45:32 EDT 2007


The changes sounds very promising :)

Simon Horne írta:
> 3. The applications that will be actively maintained
> OpenMCU (large development plans)
> MyPhone2 (for windows)
> OpenAM (DB backend to integrate with GnuGk for VoiceMail)
> Simple
> If there is any others that you would like supported please let me know.
It would be good to have t38modem included, too.

I saw new versions on http://www.h323plus.org/source/, however many
links are broken (e.g. H.323 Plus (Linux)).


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