[h323plus] Regarding increasing the call capacity of H323plus

Vlasis Hatzistavrou (KTI) vhatz at kinetix.gr
Tue Oct 23 10:43:58 EDT 2007


A couple of years ago the following paper was written by Craig Southeren 
about  increasing the call capacity of OpenH323 & OPAL:


We could see in the release milestones of OpenH323 at:


that signaling and RTP aggregation was intended for OpenH323 v1.19.0 

I'm sorry if this question has been answered before or if the answer if 
obvious, but I wanted to know if these enhancements are there in the 
current release candidate of H323plus.

I tried to look through relevant mailing lists (even the older Openh323 
mailing lists) but I couldn't find any useful information.

If this is the case I intend to use H323plus to replace the older 
OpenH323 libraries in a couple of open source projects, like Asterisk etc.

Best regards,
Vlasis Hatzistavrou.

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