[h323plus] H323plus CVS (continuance of OpenH323 development)

Mark Fleming markf at post.queensu.ca
Fri Oct 19 08:45:57 EDT 2007

At 5:35 PM +0800 10/19/07, Simon Horne wrote:
>1. The repository only contains the h323plus library and applications. The
>Ptlib library will be held in the OpalVoIP repository and I will be actively
>supporting it's development however snapshots will be made available from
>the h323plus website to avoid need to access both repositories. The same
>applies to audio/video plugins which will be compatible with both projects.
>3. The applications that will be actively maintained
>OpenMCU (large development plans)
>MyPhone2 (for windows)
>OpenAM (DB backend to integrate with GnuGk for VoiceMail)
>If there is any others that you would like supported please let me know.

 From what I seen correct me I'm wrong, the opal codecinfo works for both.

binary for checking plugin status and installation should be included 
on the website for h323plus, but codecinfo should be depreciated in 

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